Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss
The Smoothie Diet

Juicing is a popular diet fad that has picked up popularity, especially after being featured on a number of documentaries about losing weight. The concept behind juicing is that you can drink your way to good health, whether by fasting on juices alone or simply by adding them into your diet.

It is not generally advised to start any extreme dietary changes without the consultation of a doctor or nutritionist first. If you find that you are dealing with serious health issues, juice fasts and other cleanses can have vast side effects. Rather than jumping blindly on the bandwagon, it is good to make smart and informed choices that take your specific body and health into consideration.

If you are cleared for a juice fast or simply want to use juices as a way to get the vital vitamins and nutrients from vegetables and fruits without having to eat a whole lot of them, there is an option for you. However, make sure to remember that without the fibers that juicing removes from said fruits and vegetables, you are not consuming any of the healthy fibers that make fruits and vegetables so good for us and so effective at aiding in weight loss.

If juicing is something you are considering in order to trim down your body fat, don’t remove the pulp completely. Add in some of the excess fibers from your fruits and vegetables so you are getting the nourishment that nature intended.
Another thing to be aware of is that juicing can actually put on the pounds if you aren’t careful.

Consuming nothing but fruit juices can be very bad; just ask a diabetic! Fruits are full of natural sugars, and when fruits are juiced these sugars are concentrated. Especially if you are making a juice out of several large fruits. The best way to make a healthy juice is to create a recipe that contains two parts vegetable to one part fruit. That way you will get the natural sweetness of the fruit and the vitamins and minerals of the vegetables without having to worry about concentrated natural sugars.

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A juice fast can be a very fast way to lose weight, but you should always make sure you are embarking upon fasts with a qualified professional on your side. Fasting can be dangerous, but juices are a delicious way to help recharge your body and mind and get yourself motivated to continue making great changes in your life.

There is no faster way to start feeling a natural buzz than to consume a good amount of vitamins and nutrients at once. Juices allow you to do just that! Not only is it a good way to help you flush out toxins, but it will keep you regular and give you energy unlike anything you have experienced since childhood. Juicing can be a great tool in aiding your weight loss. As long as you keep the basics in mind, you will be well on your way toward creating the body you have always wanted.

The Smoothie Diet

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